Page 1: Information and consent

Thank you for taking the time to click on the link and read this note.  My name is Dr Camilla Fitzsimons. I am an activist and an academic. I work in Maynooth University in the Department of Adult and Community Education. I have a website with lots of information about my work and a personal blog. I approach all of my work through a radical, inclusive, feminist framework. 

As part of my own feminist activism, I try and record a history of what is happening in Ireland and have previously researched women's community education in Ireland and the Irish repeal movement publishing books on both. I am now working on my third book which, in the main, focuses on gender-based violence in Ireland. I'm interviewing lots of activists across the country and am learning lots about grassroots feminism. I will probably have a chapter dedicated to Irish feminism today and this is where I need your help. I want to name the groups that are currently active around the issue of gender-based violence especially male violence against women but also what is often called 'state violence' however you might interpret this. Even if this is just part of the work that you do, I would love to capture your activism. I am particularly keen to find out about grass-roots, community-based/local groups that are solely reliant on people volunteering their time.  

The next page has some questions that focuses on the name, politics and activities of your group. As well as appearing in a future book, I may also use some of what you write in blog posts on my website, presentations and other academic publications.   

The research has been ethically approved by Maynooth University. It must be recognized that, in some circumstances, confidentiality of research data and records may be overridden by courts in the event of litigation or in the course of investigation by lawful authority. In such circumstances the University will take all reasonable steps within law to ensure that confidentiality is maintained to the greatest possible extent. I'll also be storing the data for 10 years in line with Maynooth University policy. 

Many thanks for any help that you can give.


1.1. I have read the information above and I understand that the answers to my questions may appear in a book, blogpost and/or other academic publications and presentations.